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FAB 🧲 POPS Magnetic Phone Grip with MagSafe Compatibility

FAB 🧲 POPS Magnetic Phone Grip with MagSafe Compatibility

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Experience Unmatched Convenience with FAB POPS For Magsafe

Enhance the way you use your phone with the FAB POPS magnetic phone grip designed for Magsafe. Here's why you need to make this innovative accessory your own:

  • Enhanced Protection: The FAB POPS grip is 3 millimeters taller than standard grips and is crafted using AIRPOP technology, offering your phone an extra layer of security.
  • Wireless Charging Made Easy: Easily switch between gripping and charging by twisting off the grip and placing your phone on the charger, no hassle involved.
  • Strong Magnetic Connection: With four powerful built-in magnets, your phone stays securely in place, making it compatible with most car mounts for convenient on-the-go use.
  • Versatile Use: Whether at work, home, or on the go, enjoy a secure grip on your phone that also works on magnetic surfaces like refrigerators and toolboxes.
  • Transforms into a Kickstand: Need hands-free viewing? Extend the grip to transform it into a kickstand for easy media consumption.

Choose FAB POPS For Magsafe and redefine how you stay connected with your phone - secure, convenient, and versatile!

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How to use?

Using a cell phone grip is simple and convenient.
First, attach the grip using the adhesive attachment.
Secondly, The built-in magnets allow it to securely attach to most magnetic or metal surfaces. This grip also functions as a stand, allowing you to easily use your smartphone or tablet for texting, taking photos, and watching videos hands-free. Works best with smooth flat phone cases. Additionally, you can now mount your device to any metal or magnetic surface, such as a car mount or refrigerator and many more!

Details & Spec

1. Four Powerful built in magnets.
2. Collapsible bellow allowing for a comfortable grip for all finger types
3. Allows for hands free use compatible with most magnetic car mounts
4. Easily extend your FAB POPS® for a convenient stand

Open position: 1 inch
Closed posistion: .25 inch
Diameter: 1.51 inch

Works with:

1. All smartphones and tablets
2. Adhesive Attachement

Doesn't work with:

1. Silicone cases
2. Rough and textured surfaces